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Hello all you Stargate / Lego fans out there!

Since the display of the Lego Stargate diorama at the Toronto Trek 18 convention this year (2004), I have had lots of people ask me how it was built. Here you can find a set of step by step instructions on how to make one of your own. These instructions are for my fourth incarnation of the Lego Stargate , the first three prototypes were abysmal in comparison.


  M.A.L.P., with 6 wheels and extendible robotic arm
  Command Centre (with optional missile turret)
  Gun turret
  SG-1 Team in green camouflage gear, including vests and arm patches with proper team number
  Teal'c with head tattoo (but no hair, inspired from pre-season 8 episodes)
  SG-11 Team in dessert gear, including arm patches with proper team number
  Jaffa with armor vests & skirts, cobra head gear and staff weapons (to scale)
  General Hammond in dress uniform
  Walter Davis, trusty operator

My goal in building the Stargate was to create it using as many standard Lego pieces as possible, keeping pieces needing modifications to a minimum. The Stargate itself is primarily made up of stock Lego pieces. The only modifications are the chevron's, being 2x3 roof / slope pieces with a printout glued on. The rest of the Stargate , ramp, command centre, etc… are all standard Lego pieces found in various sets.
The mini-figures are all modifications in some fashion. The simplest being a vest printed and glued to the torso (e.g. Daniel Jackson), more complex being the Jaffa cobra armor.

The set as a whole is made of over 515 individual Lego pieces (not including mini-figures).

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  The Lego Stargate Instruction Manual is available for download in two formats. Both are large downloads as the manual is 125 pages long.  
Word file (6.55 Meg) - Has all the necessary images and text in the document. However, in order to view properly, you will also need to download and install the two Font files (see below). The instructions were created in this Word document and as a result the image quality is higher than the PDF file.  
PDF File (4.07 Meg) - Has all the necessary fonts embedded so you should not have any problems viewing the document. However, the image compression of PDF files does make some of the instructions a little fuzzy. I would recommend downloading the Word document and installing the Font files in-lieu of the PDF document.  
Font files (33 kb) - The and gylphs font files. It is recommended you download and install these files prior to viewing the Word version of the instruction manual.  
LDraw model (23 kb) - Here is the LDraw, or more specifically the MLCAD, model used to create the instruction manual.  
Questions? Comments? Drop me a line here.

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They may not be sold or have a premium charge for viewing / printing. Profit may not be made from them in any sense of the word.
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