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Hello all you STARGATE ATLANTIS / Lego fans out there! Inspired by my fandom of the TV show, I set out to model one of my favourite aspects: the Puddle Jumper. After 11 prototypes and roughly 63 hours of work, I succeeded in my goal. This web site documents the process I undertook creating the Lego Puddle Jumper (the Prototype pages) as well as serving as a resource for you to create one of your own (the instruction manual).

The Lego Puddle Jumper is made completely out of standard Lego pieces - no custom modifications are needed. A complete parts listing is found in the instruction manual.

A history / what's new list can be found here, or at the bottom of this page.

Fully retractable / extendible wings
Functional back ramp (lowers)
Accurate scale to a Lego mini-figure
Made of 677 individual pieces
Over 500 steps needed to complete the model
You can download a copy of the instruction manual here.


  Construction hours to date : 63
    Construction hours to date (including manual creation): 87
  Jul 10, 2005

Instruction manual done!
The instruction manual on how to build the Lego Puddle Jumper is complete. It took longer to make than I had originally thought as the angles for the side panels are weird and I had to start from scratch a few times before getting everythign right. You can download the instruction manual here.
Updated the hours to date to include time spent on creating the instruction manual as well as this web site.

  Apr 28, 2005

The final prototype, #12, is complete. The inner spine has been redesigned to allow the front panel to fit. Everything has been put together. 95% of the model has been documented in MLCAD, which is why it has taken so long to produce the next prototype. Check it out! Updated hours to date, which includes time spent documenting the model.

  Apr 14, 2005

90% done the model!
No new prototype with this update. I have managed to put the hole in the bottom for the mounting shaft, as well as mount the back panel and the rest of the outer panels. However, when I tried to mount the front panel, I noticed that the inner spine (of click angle pieces) was too close to the front edge and therefore the panel did not fit! Doh!
I've had to go and redesign the inner spine to move the pieces back a little and make room for the front panel. While I'm at it, I've started documenting the model in MLCAD in preparation for the instruction manual. Hence no new pictures or prototype to show, I've been too busy documenting & redesigning. Stay tuned! Updated hours to date.

  Mar 28, 2005 Added Prototype #10, the full implementation of the third wing mechanism design. I also finished off the first three panels of the right half of the Puddle Jumper. The mechanism is working great and looks fantastic! Updated hours to date.
  Mar 23, 2005 Added Prototype #9. I redesigned the bottom 3 side panels to accommodate the wing extension mechanism. In the process, I noticed that, when retracted, the back portions still stuck out slightly. As a result, I redesigned the wing extension mechanism (third time). Updated hours to date.
  Mar 01, 2005 Added Prototype #8B, an alternative to the mechanism. Updated hours to date.
  Feb 28, 2005 Added Prototype #8A, which is a test of a design for the wing extension mechanism. Updated hours to date.
  Feb 22, 2005 Added Prototype #7 (first back panel) images and description. Updated hours to date.
  Feb 11, 2005 Added Prototype #6 images and description. Updated hours to date.
  Feb 7, 2005

Initial upload of web page.
Added Prototype #5 images and description.
































































These instructions may be copied and redistributed free of charge as long as they are not modified in any way, shape or form.
They may not be sold or have a premium charge for viewing / printing. Profit may not be made from them in any sense of the word.
Lego is copyright and trademark of the Lego corporation. STARGATE, STARGATE SG-1 and STARGATE ATLANTIS are copyright and trademark of
MGM, Sci-Fi Channel and probably a few other people. Both are used here without permission,
and hopefully avoiding the wrath of either copyright owners and their lawyers.

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