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The Lego Puddle Jumper Instruction Manual is available for download in two formats. Both are large downloads as the manual contains over 500 steps and is 171 pages long.





Word file (9.2 Meg) - Has all the necessary images and text in the document. However, in order to view properly, you will also need to download and install the two Font files (see below). The instructions were created in this Word document and as a result the image quality is higher than the PDF file.
PDF File (8.51 Meg) - Has all the necessary fonts embedded so you should not have any problems viewing the document. However, the image compression of PDF files does make some of the instructions a little fuzzy. I would recommend downloading the Word document and installing the Font files in-lieu of the PDF document.
Font files (33 kb) - The and gylphs font files. It is recommended you download and install these files prior to viewing the Word version of the instruction manual.
LDraw model (33 kb) - Here is the LDraw, or more specifically the MLCAD, model used to create the instruction manual.