Welcome to Jason's Lego Model Page!
... home of the Heroes mini-figures, season 1 playset and logo mosaic!
... also home of the Lego Stargate and the Lego Puddle Jumper!

Here you can find pictures as well as instructions on how to build some of my lego models.

This site started out as a single page dedicated to the Lego Stargate model. It has since grown to accommodate other models, the Lego Puddle Jumper, and the Heroes mini-figures, season 1 playset and logo mosaic.

Complete instruction manuals on how to build each of the models are available by following the links below.

Heroes Mini-Figures, Season 1 Final Scene and Logo Mosaic!
The main cast of Heroes season 1 as Lego mini-figures
A re-creation of the final scene of season 1 (Kirby Plaza)
The Heroes eclispe logo as a mosaic
… and more …
Lego Puddle Jumper (requires javascript for menu)
Fully retractable / extendible wings
Functional back ramp (lowers)
Accurate scale to a Lego mini-figure
    … and more …
Lego Stargate (Command Centre)
M.A.L.P., with 6 wheels and extendible robotic arm
Command Centre (with optional missile turret)
SG-1 Team, including Teal'c
SG-11 Team in dessert gear
Jaffa with armor vests & skirts, cobra head gear and staff weapons
    … and more …