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On this page you will find:
* the main cast of Heroes, season 1, as Lego mini-figures
* a recreation of the final scene of the first season, all out of Lego
* a mosaic of the show's logo
* ... and an instruction manual on how to build everything yourself!

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  Here is a variety of pictures of both the Heroes eclipse logo as a Lego mosaic, as well as the characters as mini-figures in a reenactment of the final scene. See STORY BEHIND for details.  


Hiro Nakamura Sylar (Gabriel Gray)
Claire Bennet Noah Bennet
Nathan Petrelli Peter Petrelli
Matt Parkman Mohinder Suresh
Niki/Jessica Sanders Micah Sanders
D.L. Hawkins  
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A good friend of mine send me an email one day which said something close to:

"Wouldn't it be cool to make the main cast of Heroes out of mini-figures, and enter them into the Polaris 21 model contest?"

I could not resist the challenge! The seed was planted and I was on a mission. Slightly over a month later, I was done. As a backdrop, I decided upon the final act of the last episode of the first season. Why? … because that red staircase fountain is instantly recognizable. Having a backdrop which almost instantly places you in the show's final act helps you to visualize the mini-figures as the actual characters.
Building Kirby plaza out of Lego was challenging. How does one make a weird looking spiral staircase out of material designed primarily to fit at 90 degree angles? I think my solution is pretty unique and gets the job done. I will admit it is not 100% accurate, as the actual fountain has more steps on each side than what I came up with. I cut some out in order to make sure the steps fit well together without moving around, and to keep the height proportional to a mini-figure. I think it turned out pretty good.

Once I had the backdrop done, my next step was deciding upon which characters to use? There are a lot of characters in Heroes, and I only had a month to get everything done before the contest. I decided to go with those actually present in the final act, and who were also part of the main cast. If I had time at the end before the contest deadline, I would make the rest (turns out I did not). The list came to (in no order): Claire, Nathan, Peter, Mohinder, Sylar, Peter, Noah, Niki/Jessica, Micah, D.L., and Hiro.

Now that I knew who, the next question was how to mock them up? Most of the characters in the final scene were in plain clothes - easily recognizable in the show but if you see a Lego mini-figure woman in a jacket with blond hair, would you recognize that as Claire? After all, she was wearing a white blouse and jacket in the final scene. I answered my own question with no. Characters need to be in 'classic' costume in order to be instantly recognizable. See a mini-figure with blond hair in a white and maroon cheerleading outfit and who do you think of? See what I mean?

The question is, what makes Matt, Matt? Nathan, Nathan? I looked at each of the characters and came up with a list of easily recognizable characteristics, then split those out into the various sections of a mini-figure. Here is what I came up with:

Once I had each section, it was a relatively simple task to dig through my pile of mini-figures looking for the right parts. Some needed to be made from scratch simply because they do not exist - like Claire's skirt. Others slightly modified as I found a piece of the right shape, but wrong colour. A quick coat of paint fixed them up.

I think the end result turned out pretty good. I was surprised at how popular the scene was in the model contest. It won big time and took home the top two overall awards as well as the top of it's category. Woo-Hoo! (See AWARDS)

If you want to build either the set, or just the characters, there is an instruction manual to help you out in the DOWNLOADS section of this page. It concentrates mainly on the set, however there is a chapter at the end which describes the individual characters. All the necessary images to print for the costumes (like Claire's skirt, Nathan's button, etc…) are part of the Zip file for the instruction manual, but are also available separately if that is all you want.

If I could, I would be extremely pleased to tell you which sets each of the pieces came from. However at this point all my Lego sets are mixed together and sorted; mini-figures are al in one tub. What I can tell you is to check out Bricklink (www.bricklink.com). It's a great place to buy specific Lego pieces so you only have to pay for what you need.

I have to send out a big THANK YOU! to my good friend, who is also my brother-in-law, for planting the idea of making this set into my head. While I was building it he was a great sounding board for my ideas and gave good feedback. THANK-YOU!

Thank you also to all the organizers of the Polaris 21 model contest, and to all the attendees who voted the set People's Choice. THANK-YOU!

If you have any questions, or comments, by all means feel free to drop me a line. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy! - Jason R. Charette

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  Instruction Manual  
Word file (7.4 Meg) - Everything you need to recreate the entire Heroes Season 1 Final Scene set, including the mini-figure decals and the logo mosaic.  
  Mini-Figure Decals  
Zip file (263 kb) - Only want to make the mini-figures? here are the necessary decals. Detailed instructions can be found in section 6 of the instruction manual.  
  Heroes Logo Mosaic  
Zip file (47 kb) - Only want to make the logo mosaic? Here is a map on how to make one for yourself.  
  Font Files  
Font files (248 kb) - Love the cool comic book type fonts you see on this page and in the instruction manual? Here they are - royalty free!  
  LDRAW / MLCAD File  
LDraw model (15 kb) - Here is the LDraw, or more specifically the MLCAD, model used to create the instruction manual.  
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